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Core Features:

Football Heroes is an independently-developed, hard-hitting, fast-paced arcade football game for mobile devices (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad & Android / Android Tablets), reminiscent of classic sports games like Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam.

Football + Beat ‘em up + RPG

In Football Heroes, you can build the ultimate football team and take them online to battle your friends and foes or play head-to-head over Wi-Fi. For single player, there’s “Division Play,” where you battle against cunning AI to conquer each division.

No matter how you play, your players will gain XP every time they do something awesome with our RPG leveling system.  When your players level up, their base abilities increase and unlock powerful new moves.

Football Heroes features a robust fighting engine, with standard punch and kick attacks supplemented with powerful moves and special abilities that counter each other in interesting ways, adding tons of replayability and strategy.